Transferring large media files within seconds !!!

Did you ever think about how much it would cost for a piece of SSD portable drive few years back as it would cost a bomb if you ever own one. Purchasing a 2.5″ inch hard drive with capacities from 500MB to 3GB was a norm for storing your essential files, photos, videos or preferably act as backup media.

Well, reputable hard drive manufacturers are into new league in producing SSD portable drive at large scale as one day it would be widely acceptable by consumers. Prices of SSD would fall marginally over the years when it is widely perceived by storage users.

One example, Western Digital released portable SSD hard drive with capacities from 256GB up to 1TB in April 2017. They are generous to provide three years warranty as it doesn’t come cheap as compared to conventional 2.5″ inch hard drive.

Good news is that the SSD is backward compatible with USB2.0 and USB3.0 standard. Higher transfer rates in SSD media would of course this device is interface with latest USB3.1 standard.

You may fork out $99.99 for 256GB variant, $199.99 for 512GB and the largest capacity is 1TB would cost you $399.99.

For more information, please click on the link below:-

Deep Impact on Tourism Tax

Hotel industry in Malaysia would have deep impact on losing its business due to recent announcement made by the government to implement tourism tax on all tourist not only to foreigners but even locals. The effective date would be either on 1 July 2017 or 1 Aug 2017 as we are yet to get clear instruction from the Customs when hotelier shall act on behalf to collect the said tax.

Malaysian Associations Hotel (MAH) were strongly object that we shall not be the tax collector as it would not reap any benefits to the industry and even worse we are require to take into account further expenses on configuring our front end and back end systems. Not only this, we would also incur administrative work for taking care tax account.

The tax rate per room per night varies depending on the classification of the hotel which set as follows:-

5 stars = RM20.00

4 stars = RM10.00

1 to 3 stars = RM5.00

Budget hotels = RM2.50

Well, there are exemptions for those accommodations classified under homestay, kampung stay and premises less than 10 rooms.

We could foresee the AirBnB business would flourish as customer behaviour would tend to change as they would prefer saving a few dollars for something else.

DiGi reveals iPhone 4S pricing..starts pre-order…

As at noon today, DiGi website has updated its iPhone 4S pricing plans…

You can pre-order your iPhone 4S from the website and just wait for the device arrive at your door step as they offers free delivery…

It can be seen the retail price for 16GB remains at RM2,290 which was the retail price of its predeccessor previously. Hopefully, the retail price for the existing iPhone 4 would reduced.

Telcos are awaiting for the big event on 16th Dec 2011

As you most probably know that three msian telco will be offering and launching the iPhone 4S in malaysia on 16th Dec 2011. Well it looks like the pricing for this device would be tempting due to competition between these telco parties..

Well, let shall wait and how much would they offer. Consumers is going to be have hard time choosing which telco that offers the greatest benefits..big bang of the buck…

iPhone 4S coming to our shores..

After the announcement of the release of iPhone 4S in Sept 2011, well finally the wait is over if you are planning to get a xmas or expecting xmas pressie as iPhone 4S will be officially available in Msia, from 16th Dec 2011 onwards. As you could see, three major telcos would be offering iPhone 4S on that day as well. They would be setting up exhibition for the official launch of the said iPhone.

It seems like Online Apple Store (Malaysia) is offering iPhone 4S also. This would expect that iPhone 4S could be sold without contract. 

Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation HD (iPad)

The release of Modern Combat 3 from Game Loft doesn’t disappoint me as this game is darn good with good replay-ability and effective game controls. This is the third release from Game Loft.

It does not have story mode for the whole game instead they are designed to be play mission by mission in which each mission have different story line. The story line will be short and stating the objectives that instruct the procedures and the task given to you during the combat.

Usually you play as a team in achieving the objectives for each mission. However, sometimes you would be given a task to protect your team mates before they get killed or else you failed your mission. You can points in order to redeem an option to upgrade your weapons.

Here are the sneak peek of the game.

 Aim and Shoot
 aerial view
 teammates arriving to the mission site

 we work as a team
 struggling to come out from the rubble

 I got shot
 RPG !!!
 aiming closely to get the best shot
the matrix 

 get ready and fire

 kill, kill, kill
 air support

protecting alliances

Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

The release of Backberry Bold Touch 9900 preloaded with Blackberry OS7.0. It comes with 1.2GHz processor which I would expect any lagging on the phone. Finally, this phone is armed with TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16 million vibrant colours attached with QWERTY keyboard. It slated to be released in Aug 2011. By the time you are reading this post, this device would be available at your shores.

Here are some specifications about this phone:

2G & 3G network
640X480 resolution
2.8 inch screen
WLAN (dual band)
Bluetooth v2.1
5 mpx camera
720p video resolution
1.2 GHZ processor
Blackberry OS 7.0

iOS Update v5.0.1

Some of the users were facing battery issues on their iPhone after updating into iOS5. Dues to this, Apple try to work out this issue. A few weeks later, Apple decided to issue iOS5.0.1 to fix battery issue. However, we have though the problems would have been solved but there a majority users states that the problem still persists. Looks like Apple had failed to fix this issue.

Hopefully, they work out another update to reticy the problem as soon as possible.

For jail breakers community, please do not upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 if you wish to jailbreak your phone.

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