Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation HD (iPad)

The release of Modern Combat 3 from Game Loft doesn’t disappoint me as this game is darn good with good replay-ability and effective game controls. This is the third release from Game Loft.

It does not have story mode for the whole game instead they are designed to be play mission by mission in which each mission have different story line. The story line will be short and stating the objectives that instruct the procedures and the task given to you during the combat.

Usually you play as a team in achieving the objectives for each mission. However, sometimes you would be given a task to protect your team mates before they get killed or else you failed your mission. You can points in order to redeem an option to upgrade your weapons.

Here are the sneak peek of the game.

 Aim and Shoot
 aerial view
 teammates arriving to the mission site

 we work as a team
 struggling to come out from the rubble

 I got shot
 RPG !!!
 aiming closely to get the best shot
the matrix 

 get ready and fire

 kill, kill, kill
 air support

protecting alliances

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