Untether Jailbreak iOS5.0

Currently, jail breakers able to enjoy iOS5.0 semi tether jailbreak. Tether jailbreak would means that every time you reset or switch off and on back your phone, you are required to connect your jailbreak software in order to restore in jailbreak mode. So troublesome right.

Therefore, you might be wait a little while while jail breakers developers are working hard in developing the untether jailbreak. Untethered jailbreak does not require you to connect the jailbreak software every time you reset or switch off and on back your phone. Bear in mind, if you are using iPhone 3GS, then you are lucky enough to have the tether jailbreak as it is using the old boot room, therefore you are safe with this jailbreak.


First of all, technology does not only applies to your gadgets, electronics etc. However, I didn’t realise that a fan comes to a revolution that from blade fans in to bladeless fan. As you can see in the market especially when you stop or pass by furniture shop, shop selling fans, or even hypermarket, you could see a round shape that produce air in order to blow directly to you. I was wondering how does technology that a blameless fan able to generate air and blows directly to you.

Let me tell you this is the one I mentioning…

Dyson Air Multiplier… no blade and no buffeting

They claimed that they use 650 engineers for four years to develop this technology. One good thing is safety, without blades means it save your live from chopping of your fingers from the traditional blade fans. And also easy to maintain, save the hassle of washing the fan blades due to dust collected over time.

Above is the range of Dyson product line. In malaysia, the pricing of these products ranging from RM1.2K to RM3K. So if you are early adopter, be prepared to pay for a hefty price.

Selayang Park

I had always think of having morning exercise to improve my stamina after been so long never been exercising since I started to work in KL. There was a park which I always wanted to go to perform morning exercise. I always wish to go there, however I quite lazy to go there at times. However, upon waking up from my bed today, I was thinking of going there instead of wasting my precious time doing nothing. Therefore, I have decide to go there at 7.15am which I think is quite late for morning walk, yes is quite late!!!..The best time is to reach at the park around 6.30 am..get some cool breeze.
This park is quite well known and famous for flying kite activities during the evening. The park is located at Selayang near to Kepong. The easiest way to come here is via MRR2 route from Kepong to Batu Caves or vice verse. You can exit to Selayang Park through MMR2. 
Driving there was smooth as the traffic in the morning is normally very less car on the road due to public holiday or sunday. There is ample of parking space as I’m able to park quite close to the park. They have designated parking space for the park users. This park is managed and maintain by the local authorities Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, therefore you pay rakyat tax and you get to enjoy this park for free!!!
Well, I am able to capture a few photos to further enhance readers feel of the park atmosphere. Well today is the public holiday as Hari Raya Haji was being replaced for Monday as it falls on Sunday, thus the park was not so crowded with people. I believe during normal days, the park might be filled with more people. 
However, if you would like to enjoy kite flying activities, then I suggest you come in the evening. Beware, the park would be crowded people and troublesome to find parking space. Can you imagine that particular MRR2 stretch will be causing jams as road users slowing down their cars and take a glance at kite flying in the air.
Well, you can see people with different age category from elderly, young adults, youngster, families, retirees with different races is busy performing their task such as morning walk, jogging, running, relaxing, fishing, cycling, tai chi and etc.
This is park is darn huge with many walkways and pathways all around which surrounded with a lake. The length of the pathways could be roughly 3.5km one way. I just had one round and call it a day, it was quite tiring.
Here a few shots of the surroundings of the park illustrated below:
The walkways is quite huge.  

 The park is quite well maintain.

Another shot from the other angle. 

Morning walk users. 

The sky is so beautiful. 

 Special pathways.

A mini kids polo ground. 

The trees and the lake. 

A route to the woods. 

A tower to watch the scenery. 

 Can you see KLCC and KL Tower.
 Another watch tower.
 Lovely skies.
Lotus plant.


 Is not a death lake, can you see waves from the lake.
 Lake, Residential Houses, Trees, Beautiful Skies. Combo wei.
A place for relaxing and perform aerobactics or tai ching.. 
 I quite like this photo.

Hmmm, there is a small jetty, wondering where is the kayak?
Overall, this park is good place for exercising, relaxing, and kite flying activities. One day, I shall how does the ambience look like during the evening where people starts enjoys flying kites…

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

I have recently read a food blog from one of the msian food celebrity and stumbled upon a post. A post explaining bread making expertise which they are bake under stone oven. Does this mean they bake using charcoal fire and produce such scrumptious varieties of breads and pastries. Yes they do and of course the pricing is bit higher compared to other bakery shops. 
Levain is located at Jalan Delima Kuala Lumpur which I’m confident in finding the place as I search via Google Earth and found the location. All I have to do is to key in the GPS coordinates on GPS device and head to town and guess what? I don’t see any kind of heritage building that is something look alike in their website. Therefore, I took a few rounds around the place and finally found the road sign “Jalan Delima”. After turning in, yes yes …I saw the stand alone building.
Well, it looks like the place is crowded with customers. There was some parking lots inside the shop, therefore I try my best to get a parking space and guess what? There was a security guards asking to stop and ask me to pay for valet parking which cost rm3..well, seems to be cheap for a valet parking. However, though they charge me rm3, I still prefer to park my ownself.
Upon stepping into the shop, there is a cashier just in front of you. On your left there is a varieties of breads and pastry for you to choose. So this most likely you were need to choose your own foods and place on the tray and pay at the cashier. They not only sells breads and pastries, they do sell drinks, macaroons, cookies, pralines and chocolates, spaghetti, sandwiches etc.
As you can see, these are the stuffs that I have chosen, well can accommodate for two persons.

We did ordered a chicken mushroom soup. It costs around RM7 and it really worth it as this soup contains chicken meats and lots of mushrooms. It taste very good and I like very much. This is my first time I have eaten a mushroom soup that filed with nicely ingredients in it and it is reasonably priced.

A zoom in picture of the pastries that I had chosen.  Turkey & Ham Eggs, White Chocolate Crunch, Turkey Ham Croissant and I forget one its pastries name. I can say the foods is taste fabulous although the price is a bit steep.

Ham Crispy Pizza is gooding as it is crispy and taste good.
Here are the two types of coffee we ordered. I can’t comment much on its drink as it just taste so-so. It does not have a strong aroma coffee. Thus, we are here for bread and pastries which they specialise in. 
Price: 6/10 (price is reasonable as they used stone oven to bake)
Ambience: 8/10 (air-cond and smoking area)
Quality: 9/10 (degree of freshness as it bake directly from kitchen)
Presentation: 7/10 (well decent)
Service: 8/10 (it takes 5 mins for the food to arrive such as mushroom soup and coffees, breads and pastries are placed on plates after you make your payment if you are eating there)
Halal: Not sure
No.7 Jalan Delima,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours :
Mon – Sun (7.30am – 9.00pm)

Business Hours :

Phone: +603 2142 6611
email: info@levain.com.my

GPS coordinates;
Latitude : N 3  8′ 44.52″
Longitude: E 101 43′ 18.52″

Egg Tart

I just bought egg tart for morning market and just tried it recently. All I have to say the egg tart is so-so as it doesn’t crisp and doesn’t have the egg taste effect.
The one i had eaten is butter type based egg tart. As you know there is another type based egg tart which is skin flaked type. I prefer the butter type as you could taste the butter pastry.

Apple iPhone 4S

First of all, I was expecting a better and more powerful device so called iPhone 5 would be introduced this year of 2011. Rumours were getting a major attention by iPhone users that there is highly possibility of releasing iPhone 5 in which slated to be released this year with a drastic change of design, a larger screen, and a thinner aluminum body. Everyone was expecting that as it is possible to compete against its intense rivals Samsung Galaxy product line. However, when the day it came that Tim Cook announces the iPhone in which unexpectedly the iPhone 4S, a slight improvement on the hardware of its predecesser.

iPhone enthusiasts would be greatly disappointed as they would expect a big change of the iPhone by introducing iPhone 5. Oh well, this is their company marketing strategy that they are the one who make decision by releasing an update rather than a huge change of its iPhone. All I could say, Apple is slowly introducing new products as people will tend to buy iPhone 4s albeit it disappoint some of the iPhone users.
I believe they are following the trend of its product line..here is the timeline…
iPhone —> iPhone 3G —> iPhone 3GS —-> iPhone 4—-> iPhone 4S
Does this mean by next year 2012 June, there would be a possibility of introducing iPhone 5 . Well we shall wait for that.
Anyway, lets we focus on iPhone 4S though it is not well perceived by many of iPhone users. I believe those who wanted to try out or plans to upgrade their phone to iPhone 4S. I think you might be interested in reading on….
Nobody knows that you are holding an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, as you may know is still sport a totally same design, the buttons, the camera are still remain the same spot. One should know the difference when you able to search the general settings function would give you an information about your phone. Besides that, it has a Siri function which will be explain later when you press the home button for 3 seconds. Aha, that is an iPhone 4S.
A slight improvement of the camera from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels. I had read a forum a comparison of the images taken from all iPhone models from iPhone till iPhone 4S. all I could say, the images taken is superb in iPhone 4S when compared to other images. Before the release of this iPhone, I had make assumption that Apple would upgrade their better camera as Apple was buying millions of Omron lenses which is really meant for iPhone 4S.
Due to a better camera, therefore they upgraded their video recording to highest definition 1080p resolution. Even though a better video quality, however it would take up a tremendous space even you capture a 10 minutes video. A 10 mins video would take up roughly 500MB of space!!! . So better think of how much space left in your iPhone before taking a long video.
A better dual core processor A5 is integrated with it which follows the iPad 2 processor. Both are using the same processor, thus cost saving in designing the processor which can be used in iPhone and iPad.
Apple has came out with Siri Assistant that allows you to command the phone with just only your voice. You speak through Siri and Siri will perform the task based on your command. For example, Please send a text message “I would like to have dinner with Anna” then Siri will directly write the text message for you and repeat the words written by Siri for double confirming the message before it sends out to Anna.
Well, Siri is one of the interesting feature in this iPhone as you able to command via Siri to perform task on your iPhone. However, it would be beneficial to those who is fluence in English language or else Siri doesn’t recognized what you were saying. By the way, I soon realize that you would require internet connection in order to use Siri. Siri uses online database to answer your command. You can talk to Siri what ever you want ..sometimes you could play with Siri and it would come a list of funny answer such as I’m tired, Siri would say “Listen to me. Put down this iPhone now and take a nap . I’ll wait here”
Other features is iPhone 4S is embedded with iOS5 which also available for iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPod touch (2nd gen and 3rd gen) and iPad 1 & 2. I had mentioned about iOS5 on earlier post, do free read about it.
Final say, iPhone 4S is still remain and well accepted among the existing iPhone users albeit there are some disappointed with it. I would like to congratulate for those new users of iPhone and welcome to Apple. Currently, it had releases to almost more than 30 countries and more countries end of Nov 2011. Trust me, they are still people crazy lining and queuing for iPhone 4S when is debut to launch at their respective countries.
I just heard that Apple is currently holding 80 billion cash and cash equivalents that able to make better use of it for your R&D to produce excellent products in next year 2012…


iOS 5….
The highly anticipated iOS 5 software claiming that it had more than 200 features but only they had make a significant changes and introduction of new features such as notification centre, newsstand, iMessage, reminders, twitter and photo edit.
Finally, the apple heard us that the introduction of new notification area would bring benefit to us as your phone able to take a glance of your new mails, new miss called, new message just right on your lock screen. However, before Apple release the iOS5, our jailbreakers team had implement so called jailbreak app that feature notification area on your lockscreen and you can even customise how you want it be. So I could find is not something new to us.
Newstand app became a universal e-reader for ebooks, emagazines, newspaper subscription. It is a good thing they integrate everything in one application. Reduce a number of reading apps and also space.
Blackberry has come out with BBM chat messenger service which is one of the famous chatting service in between BB users. Ah well, Apple is now following the trend of using iMessage which is quite similar with Blackberry.
iOS5 also integrate the twitter app into the system whereby you able to tweet with ease on your iPhone. On the other hand, users are able to edit photos just right after you had capture a picture. There is also a shortcut that you could make use of it whenever you wanted to take images in a short period of time. Therefore, you can just tap photo on your lock screen and take your spontaneuos moment.
All I have to say iOS5 is still at improving stage rather than a perfect iOS as jailbreakers are able to come out with better ideas to maximise the usage of iPhone. However, it sometimes Apple would come out something new like Siri asisstant which jailbreakers did not think of that at first place. Well, I believe there are brilliant engineers in Apple University. I would hope to see a drastic improvement in your next generation iOS6 which slated to be release end of next year 2012…


During WWDC, one of the main topic that Apple CEO presented was iCloud….
Well, what does iCloud do…
As the image do look like a cloud and what technology got to do with the Cloud. Hmmmm…
iCloud is actually a storage that lets you store your contents into online storage so that you can retrieve your information from anywhere at any anytime because you are able to access it when you are connected to the internet.
However, it only works with iOS5, the next updated version of iOS coming this fall which widely used in iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad. What so good about this, it just merely an online storage.
Well, is not not only serve as online storage but also you can access your content on all your devices. For example, a user have an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. He want to post a new calendar appointment on his iPhone, however he wanted this calendar appointment is also useful on his iPad and he need to post the same appointment on his iPad. Well, sort of time consuming and troublesome isn’t it.
Therefore, thanks to iCloud, once you had posted the calendar appointment on your iPhone, it will automatically post the calendar appointment on all your devices. So you need to double or triple post your appointment. Save so much of your time.
iCloud stores all your content such as music, videos, photos, calendar, notes, apps, documents and etc. It also serve as push enabled storage that wirelessly push your content to all your iOS devices.
Every registered apple itunes user would be eligible for 5GB of storage to keep your contents safe and secure. And one more thing which I like and not only me and everyone else does, as iCloud service is FREE!!! Yay…
Say bye bye to Mobile Me…and they are no longer in service as to date and will be replacing Mobile Me to iCloud…
I was wondering that the absence of MobileMe, can find my iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps still works?

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